Get Connected – Get involved – Volunteer

Are you looking to connect with your community, and take action on issues close to your heart?
Would you like to be active and meet new people?
Do you have a bit of spare time and would you like to make a difference in other peoples’ lives?

Take part in our “Get Connected” project. You will gain experience of volunteering in your community and you will be able to share your journey with others.

If you are interested in taking part in the Get Connected Project, please contact Franzi at or call 01 473 7482.

Download the Project Flyer

  • Who can take part?

    Anybody over the age of 18 who lives in the Dublin City area and who is new to volunteering.

    Check if you are living in our catchment area.

  • Why get involved?

    • Be active and get involved in your neighbourhood
    • Meet new people and broaden your horizons
    • Gain new skills and valuable work experience
    • Get access to our electronic version of the Digital Media Training that will equip you with some tools and ideas to help you creatively document your volunteering journey
    • Give a helping hand to others
    • Inspire others
  • What is expected of you?

    • Commit to volunteer in a role of your choice before September 2018
    • Complete a survey before and after you take up volunteering to record the impact of this volunteering experience on your values
    • Document your personal volunteering journey and experience (i.e. by using a diary, blog, photos, videos, cartoon or other creative formats) – this is optional
    • Attend the “conversation salon” event in October 2018 to share your volunteering experience and discuss issues around your community with other volunteers
    • Keep in touch with us throughout the project
  • Support offered by us

    • We will support you with finding a suitable volunteering opportunity that matches your interest, skills and availability
    • We will regularly check in with you and give support with any issues arising
    • We will select a number of volunteer journeys for an exhibition that will travel around Europe – an amazing chance to share your experience with a big audience and to inspire others to take up volunteering
  • When is this happening?

    • The project started in March 2018 with a number of kick-off events/ conversation salons.
    • We met with and supported a number of interested people with finding a suitable volunteering role.
    • We ran two Digital Media Training courses in April and May 2018.

    For anybody joining at a later stage, here are some key dates:

    • You will need to start volunteering as soon as possible, so that you have completed some volunteering hours before mid-September.
    • Our final “conversation salon” event will take place in early October 2018.
    • The roadshow that exhibits selected project participants volunteering “journeys” will be launched in Dublin at the start of December.

Did you know that 81% of people we spoke to in 2016 across Ireland said that because of volunteering, their feeling of making a useful contribution to the community had increased? 64% of people also said that because of their volunteering experience, they were more willing to get involved in local activities, that their own abilities and confidence had grown and that they overall well-being had increased.

If you have any questions, please contact Franzi Fehr at or call 01 473 7482.

With this project, Dublin City Volunteer Centre wants to find out more about the impact volunteering can have on people’s attitudes and shared values in 2018 across four European countries: Ireland, Belgium, Croatia and Scotland.

More information about the project and its background.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.