Our People

Edwina Dewart (Manager)

Edwina Dewart is our Manager and is responsible for the day to day management of the Centre. She is also one of the Centre’s volunteer management trainers and Authorised Signatories for Garda Vetting. If you wish to contact Edwina, please email edwina@volunteerdublincity.ie

Current Placement Support Volunteers

Aidan Tobin – Placement Support

Deniz Karadag – Administrative Support
Jordan Richardson – Event Coordinator

Current Organisation Support Volunteers

Shijia (Sherry) Huang – Organisation Support  

Current Get Connected Project Volunteers

Aisling O’Keeffe – Creative Writing

Grace Sexton – Project Videographer

Current Volunteer Videographers

Irenia Alvarez - Videographer

Kristina Podsiblova -  Videographer

Jennifer Keegan

Jenny Keegan  is our Administrator and Garda Vetting Officer. You’ll see Jenny at the reception desk when you visit the Volunteer Centre.

Franziska Fehr

Franzi is our Outreach & Placement Officer. Franzi provides talks and presentations on volunteering at a variety of group meetings and events. She also works directly with people interested in volunteering to help them find a role that's a good fit.  You can contact Franzi directly at franziska@volunteerdublincity.ie  if you are interested in a talk or presentation about volunteering.  

Lucy Ray

Lucy is one of our Placement Officers. She works directly with volunteers and helps them find an opportunity and an organisation that is a right fit. She also runs our "Volunteering While Learning English" information session as well as the "Experience Counts" coffee mornings. If you would like to contact her for more information about the how, what and where of volunteering please email info@volunteerdublincity.ie .

Frances Hayden

Frances Hayden is our Organisational Support Officer and a Garda Vetting Liaison Person. She assists organisations with recruitment planning and Volunteer Programme development, by offering tailored supports and advice, as well as training and workshops in best practice. If you would like to start recruiting volunteers or discuss your Volunteer Programme, please contact Frances at frances@volunteerdublincity.ie

Kasia Timofiejew

Kasia Timofiejew is our Development Officer. Kasia is responsible for developing social inclusion initiatives and projects, organising events and delivering volunteer management training. If you wish to contact Kasia, please email kasia@volunteerdublincity.ie