Many migrants are highly skilled with 30% of non-Irish nationals who left education system having achieved at least a degree compared to 23% of Irish nationals.

Many are opting to take up Irish citizenship and call Ireland their permanent home. Between 2005 and 2012 over 50,000 non-Irish became Irish citizens.

Every year, our Volunteer Centre registers significant numbers of migrant volunteers. They can be here either for a short time if they are studying English, or else plan to stay for couple of years or even remain in Ireland.

There are multiple of reasons why people from outside of Ireland decide to get involved in volunteering. For many of them it is about improving their language skills and understanding Irish culture, for others it is about gaining new skills set and getting to know other people. Ultimately, it is also about giving back by getting involved in their respective communities.

There are some major benefits for organisations who decide to open their doors to migrant volunteers; some of them include: wider pool of volunteers, fresh ideas and new thinking, increased cultural competence within the organisation as well as extra language skills, which is particularly relevant if your organisation works with clients form culturally diverse background.