Over 50s

“Loneliness is a huge issue in Irish society right now…right across the ages…I was lonely before I got involved in volunteering…Now (through my volunteer involvement) I help people to deal with loneliness but if I weren’t so involved I could very well be lonely myself.”

Experience Counts: Volunteering amongst People aged 55+ in Dublin City

People are living longer and the benefits of volunteering on older people is well documented, as is the invaluable support they provide to the community. However, the contributions older people make or could potentially make to volunteering has yet to be realised, mainly due to societal attitudes and a lack of awareness. We see active ageing as getting more, not less, out of life as people get older.

Experience Counts is research report produced by Dublin City Volunteer Centre, which was also accompanied by a summary report and best practice guide for Volunteer-Involving Organisations (VIOs).

Experience Counts gives voice to people aged 55 and over and documents their experiences on what motivates them to volunteer and equally what prevents or would prevent them from volunteering with an organisation. The report makes a considerable number of recommendations for VIOs in terms of recruiting and supporting older volunteers.

To download the full report click here: Experience Counts: Volunteering Amongst People aged 55+
To download the summary report and best practice guide: Experience Counts Summary Report