Engaging Fundraising Volunteers

How can we work better to attract, recruit and retain fundraising volunteers?

We were interested in learning more about the factors that encourage people to volunteer as fundraisers, as well as the ways that organisations can work better to attract, recruit and retain fundraising volunteers.

About the Research

Our main research questions were:

  1. Who volunteers for fundraising work?
  2. What attracts people to volunteering of this type?
  3. What deters people from volunteering for fundraising activities?
  4. What can organisations do to attract, recruit, select, train and retain fundraising volunteers?

Research Methodology

Anne Eustace, Eustace Patterson Ltd., carried out the research in two phases. The first phase involved secondary research through a brisk review of recent available literature relating to fundraising volunteering. This was mainly USA and UK research and the research in general is all at early stages with scope for much more applied research to inform volunteer management and development practice.

The second phase of the methodology involved primary research consultations through focus groups with a sample of managers working with volunteer involving organisations (10) and volunteers (5) who have experienced or are interested in volunteering in a fundraising capacity. This phase of the research served to check and validate the themes emerging from the literature review and granted a valuable Irish dimension to the work.

Key Messages & Recommendations

Handout: Engaging Fundraising Volunteers – Main Messages from Research

Slides: Engaging Fundraising Volunteers – Presentation 17 May 2018

Further Information?

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