Garda Vetting FAQ

To assist our Affiliate Organisations and vetting subjects during the Garda Vetting process we have compiled a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

The below information may only be relevant to Affiliate Organisations registered with our service and vetting subject being vetted through us; each Garda Vetting Service operates differently.

  • What is the link to request vetting?

    The link to request vetting through DC-Vet is

    You can only request vetting if you are currently registered with our Garda Vetting Service as an Affiliate Organisation.

  • I am receiving the following error message when trying to complete the online form: “Invalid Application ID, email address or date of birth"

    The most common reason for this error is that the incorrect date of birth has been submitted by the organisation requesting your vetting.

    Please contact us on and provide us with your date of birth and we will resolve the issue.

  • I am receiving the following error message when trying to complete the online form: “please enter a valid email address”

    This can be for two reasons:

    1. There is a space inserted after the email address, please delete it to continue.
    2. TThe incorrect email address is being inputted e.g. missing a . or –
  • The online form will not allow me to continue past the addresses section?

    This can be for two reasons:

    1. The final address has not been added, ‘add new address’ must be clicked before continuing
    2. There is a gap in the years lived at addresses; all address for all years from birth to present must be accounted for
  • When attempting to submit the form I am receiving an error about date of consent

    The date of consent provided for the application has exceeded 180 days, the application is now void and the process must start again.

  • How can I vet someone who is not computer literate?

    It is your organisation’s responsibility to assist any vetting subjects that are not computer literate. There are numerous options to provide support in this situation:

    1. You can complete the online form with the vetting subject
    2. The vetting subject can complete the paper form and your organisation can enter the details into the online form
    3. A friend or family member can assist them in completing the form
    4. Staff in libraries and Citizens Information have been trained in how to complete the online form and can provide assistance
  • How can I vet someone who does not have an email address?

    There are numerous options to provide support in this situation:

    1. The vetting subject can use a family/friend’s email address
    2. Your organisation’s email address can be used
    3. You can create an email address to be used for all vetting subjects that do not have an email address
  • How can I find out more information about an application's status?

    We are provided with no further information other than the application’s status.

    Due to the volume of applications processed by the National Vetting Bureau they are unable to provide more comprehensive updates on individual applications.

  • How can an application's status be tracked?

    Vetting subjects can track their application by clicking back into the link in the vetting invitation email.

    If you have the application’s Application ID and date of birth you can track the application here:

  • Why is there a delay with an application?

    Most applications are returned by the National Vetting Bureau within 5 working days, however some take weeks or even months. It does not mean there is an issue with an application or that a conviction will be returned on the disclosure.

    We are not provided with a reason for any delays.

  • An application's status has changed from Schedule for completion back to In progress (NVB), is something wrong?

    This is very common and no cause for concern.

  • The status is Application process complete and I urgently need the disclosure, is there anything I can do?

    Yes, please contact us and if possible, we will send the disclosure immediately. We will ONLY send the disclosure to the Garda Vetting Officer for the Affiliate Organisation.

  • The status of an application is Disclosure viewed, but I have not received the disclosure?

    If you are the vetting subject and receive confirmation via email that a disclosure has been returned, you must contact the organisation that requested your vetting. We will ONLY send the disclosure to the Garda Vetting Officer for the Affiliate Organisation.

    Once the disclosure has been downloaded, we will send it to the Garda Vetting Officer within 1 working day. Please contact us if you have not received it after that time.

  • I received an email stating that my vetting invitation has expired, what do I do?

    Once an invitation has expired we are unable to automatically reissue a new one.

    The next step is for the organisation that requested your vetting to request a new application for you. Please get in touch with them so they can restart the process.

  • What address do I provide on the form if I have travelled abroad?

    If you traveled for less than six months you do not need to declare it on your Garda Vetting form.

    Addresses outside of the island of Ireland over 6 months require do not requite a full address e.g. Los Angeles, California is sufficient. However, locations should be entered separately where possible and not clumped together e.g:
    1990 – 1991: Berlin, Germany
    1991 – 1992: Paris, France
    Rather than 1990 – 1992: Berlin, Germany and Paris, France

    If traveling for extended periods of time to numerous locations, it is acceptable to clump a few locations into one address, as long as there is an explanation e.g.
    1990 – 1991: traveled various locations: Madrid, Spain; London, UK

  • I cannot remember the full details of my Irish address

    It is more than understandable that you may not be able to remember all addresses you have lived in. We just ask that you provide as much detail as you can and leave no blanks e.g.

    1987 – 1988: Main Street, Cork will most likely be rejected
    Instead you could enter 1987 – 1988: Unknown house number, Main Street, Cork