Whether you involve 1 or 1,000 volunteers, your organisation needs to ensure it manages volunteers effectively – and by that, we mean everything. From how an individual volunteer fits in and works alongside paid staff (if you have them), to creating and maintaining extended volunteer programmes.

Central to any successful volunteering programme, big or small, is effective volunteer management. In this section, you’ll find lots of useful resources to help you manage volunteers.

  • COVID-19 Supports for Organisations
  • Planning
  • Recruitment & Screening
  • Induction & Training
  • Support & Supervision
  • Evaluation & Recognition

COVID-19 Supports for Organisations

Are you involving volunteers, or planning to involve them, during COVID-19? You’ll find many useful supports for your organisation in the PDF’s at the bottom of this page.

You may also want to check out this useful video series:Organising volutneers emergency

Looking for info on reopening or adapting your services during COVID-19?

Check out our blog on Restarting Your Volunteer Programme & Engaging Volunteers.

Volunteer Ireland is offering a series of Free Webinars to help. View Webinar Calendar.

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If you are thinking of engaging volunteers in your group, these resources will help you understand the best ways to involve volunteers. Learn what volunteers’ expectations might be and start on a path to ensure volunteers become a core and positive part of your organisation.

Recruitment & Screening

These resources will help you in your recruitment of volunteers, providing helpful screening and selection tools, to assist you to find the best fit for your volunteer opportunity.
Information and FAQ on Garda vetting.

Induction & Training

An induction and training programme ensures volunteers receive all relevant information. It introduces them to the organisation and helps them feel part of the team.
Volunteering as a caterer or cook

Support & Supervision

Meeting with a volunteer on a regular basis, to give and get feedback, ensures they feel supported in their role and will help identify potential problems early on.

Evaluation & Recognition

Recognising your volunteers’ contributions shows you value them and helps keep them motivated, committed, and enthusiastic.