Learning English

Have you recently moved to Ireland? 

You might be interested in volunteering because it gives you a chance to improve your English, meet new people and connect with Irish community. 

There is nothing more rewarding in volunteering than being able to learn about different cultures, make friends and have lots of fun. 

Do not worry if you English is not perfect, you can still volunteer. However, you will need at least a basic level of English to start volunteering. iVOL, the national volunteering database has volunteering opportunities for people with various levels of English. Remember, once you start volunteering your English will improve. We have searched iVOL for you and picked out suggestions for newcomers to Dublin. Check them out below.

There are a lot of options for you to get started. If you are living in Dublin City, register with us and come to our Volunteering while Learning English information session.


Free Information Session

Are you interested in coming to Ireland to Volunteer?

We are unfortunately not in a position to facilitate international volunteer applications or placements as our remit is the Dublin City area, so we can only help people find volunteering opportunities who are already living in Dublin. However, once you arrive in Dublin you can get in touch and we will be happy to help you find a suitable role.

If you are looking for an organisation that deals with international volunteer applications, you may find the following website useful:

Service Civil International

You can also look at the Residential Opportunities, with suggestions of organisations across Ireland you can contact.