Calling for organisations to participate in “Get Connected” project


  • Would you benefit from recruiting new volunteers?
  • Are you interested in telling the story of volunteering in your organisation?
  • Would you like to document the impact that volunteers are making in your organisation?

We are now looking for organisations that would be a perfect fit for our new European project called Get Connected – Volunteering and Shared Values. All you have to do is offer existing or new volunteer opportunities to project participants and support them with recording their journey of volunteering.

This project is all about connecting with communities, finding meaningful experiences and telling personal stories. By documenting each person’s volunteer journey we, and our European counterparts, can gain a better insight into volunteers’ experiences and help to inspire others to get more involved in their communities. The collected stories will form part of a Roadshow on Volunteering that will be launched on International Volunteer Day on 5th December and will travel around Europe.

Why get involved?

  • Get (a) highly motivated, pre-selected volunteer(s) to support you with your ongoing work or short-term projects
  • Give someone the opportunity to experience the joy of volunteering and to learn more about your organisation
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to gather high quality stories, visuals and quotes from volunteers engaging with your organisation
  • Access new volunteers from a diverse range of age groups and backgrounds
  • Be part of a European-wide project on volunteering and shared common values and get exclusive access to new insights and research findings on volunteer infrastructure in the participating countries (Ireland, Belgium, Croatia and Scotland)

What’s expected of your organisation

  • Take on a volunteer(s) for a minimum of 30 hours of volunteering between April – September 2018 (we appreciate that some of you may require longer commitment, in which case we will ensure that participants have the expected availability)
  • Liaise with us to ensure the best possible match
  • Offer the general support, supervision and recognition that you offer to all your volunteers
  • Be open and willing for the participants to document their volunteer journey (i.e. discuss with them if photographs, blog post or a short video diary might be appropriate for your set-up)
  • Promote the volunteers’ experience as well as the project on your website and/or social media

Supports offered by our Volunteer Centre

  • We will engage with all volunteers prior to their placement and will support them in identifying their interests, availability and any supports required
  • We will regularly check in with all volunteers and offer ongoing support (where required)
  • We will facilitate a professional digital media workshop for all project participants, where they will learn a set of tools to creatively document their volunteer journeys
  • We will select a number of volunteer journeys for a curated Roadshow that will be launched in Brussels and will travel around the four partner countries
  • We will highlight all participating organisations on our website
  • We are happy to discuss any other requirements you might have

More about the project

Get Connected – Volunteering and Shared Values project aims to examine the impact volunteering has on people’s attitudes and common values in four participating EU countries: Ireland, Belgium, Croatia and Scotland. You can read more about it here.


Volunteering has a real impact on peoples’ lives. Feedback from the latest national survey on volunteering shows that 81% of volunteers across Ireland said that their feeling of making a useful contribution to the community has increased, while at the same time 55% of people felt that their mental health and well-being had increased through volunteering. This underlines the idea that volunteering can play a big part in how people chose to spend their time, who they engage with and what issues they decide to act upon, which in turn will shape their attitudes, values and connections – with other people as well as with their direct or wider community.

 Expression of Interest

Contact us if you are interested in participating or to find out more: Kasia at or call 01-4737482.