COVID-19 Updates from Dublin City Volunteer Centre

In line with the Government policy around the COVID-19 virus the Dublin City Volunteer Centre’s team will be working remotely from Monday 16th March until 29th March. Although we will not be physically present at our centre, we want to emphasise that our staff is still very much available to support both volunteers and organisations during working hours, especially in the midst of the current situation. We will update this blog regularly with the latest news in terms of changes to our services and any relevant information for volunteers and organisations in Dublin.

Please be aware that many community and voluntary groups are doing their best to respond to the current crisis, so whether you are looking to start volunteering, waiting for an application to be processed or for a response from an organisation, plan to expect a slight delay until the situation is under control.

In the coming weeks we might see an increased need for volunteers. Dublin City Volunteer Centre is working to support front line voluntary organisations and partners in the community to organise a joint response.  We ask you to be patient, be ready and informed for when/if the call comes to take action!

 Register here and indicate that you are interested in volunteering in relation to COVID-19

Below you will find details on how to get in touch with us:

We are available during working hours 9.30-13.00 / 14.00-17.00 (Please note staff will not be working on the 17th March)

Placement Support Team (inquiries about volunteering)

Phone: 087 757 7259 / 086 047 1665


Facebook: @volunteerdublincity

Whatsapp: +353 87 757 7259

Organisation Support (for representatives of organisations needing information and help)

Phone: 086 388 8749


General Manager

Edwina Dewart: 086 174 1317

Garda Vetting  

Phone: 087 765 3934


Update 6/04/2020 – 11:50am

The HSE is providing up to date advice on how to support those in need safely during COVID-19. You can read more HERE.

For those needing support, you can get the latest advise from the HSE HERE.

Update 3/04/2020 – 5:15pm

We’ve been talking to volunteers at Lucan C19 TEST Centre about their experiences volunteering. Take a look.

New roles will be coming on stream soon. Keep an eye on your email and don’t forget to check out current volunteering opportunities on the I-VOL website.

Update 30/03/2020 – 5pm

The Department of Rural and Community Development have published You, Your Community and COVID-19 , a guide to encourage and facilitate community response to COVID-19. The pack includes useful info for volunteers, community organisations, and people in need of help during COVID-19.

Update 30/03/2020 – 2pm

Volunteers: The volunteer registrations continue to roll in.  A big thanks to all those who have applied to volunteer during COVID-19. We are continuing to add new roles for volunteering through this emergency, so look out for our email updates. More information on volunteering during COVID-19 in available in our COVID-19 Volunteer FAQ.

Organisations: We know Organisations are facing many new challenges right now in continuing to deliver services under the constraints of restricted travel and health and safety considerations.  Our new COVID-19 Toolkit can help you to start and manage a volunteer programme to help meet these new challenges. Also available is a short video series Organising Volunteers in a Time of Emergency.

Update 18/03/2020– 12.17pm

Every organisation will be impacted by Covid-19, whether it’s scaling up activities to deal with the crisis or curtailing / closing services to protect people. We have seen a massive community response with hundreds registering online looking to help any way they can, which warms our hearts in a time such as this.  In our effort to support organisations and community groups as best as we can, we have shared some ideas of how one might involve volunteers. 

Update 18/03/2020 – 12.17pm

We are incredibly busy at the moment contacting our organisations and community groups as well as responding to volunteer request from all you lovely people out there. Please bare with us while we re-organise!

A couple of great resources to have a look at:

This website outlines the response to the COVID-19 crisis  from Volunteer Ireland and the network of volunteer centres.

Its important for volunteers and community groups responding to this crisis to be aware of potential risks in volunteering. Check out this Volunteer Role Risk Assessment from Volunteer Ireland.

Update 16/03/2020 – 9.48am

Changes have been made on the registration form to IVOL and on volunteers profile. If you are interested in volunteering during the COVID-19 crisis you can register here and tick ‘available for COVID-19 Support’. If you are already registered with the Dublin City Volunteer Centre you can sign in here and under ‘Your Basic Details’ you can indicate that you are available for COVID-19 support.

Over this weekend over 200 people registered and indicated that they were available to support during this crisis. We are incredibly grateful and humbled to see this gathering of support. We hope you will all bare with us while we iron out some details but if roles become available they will be emailed out and posted on our website. Please note that even if you indicate a support during COVID-19 we cannot guarantee that relevant roles will be available as that depends on the need of organisations that we work with.

Update 15/03/2020

A Press release from Mr Michael Ring TD, Minister for Rural and Community Development, has emphasized the important role of communities in supporting their vulnerable neighbours over the coming weeks.

The mobilization of local community & voluntary groups and the engagement of volunteers at local level can play a crucial part in ensuring that vulnerable people living in the community can continue to have their needs met in the event that their usual sources of support become unavailable.

Read the full press release here. 

Update 13/03/2020 – 4pm

A message from Volunteer Ireland and the network of Volunteer Centres was emailed out to registered volunteers and posted online. It includes advice on how to get involved if you are interested in offering support to organisations and the community during the COVID-19 crisis. You can read the full message here.