How to use iVol

When you first register your organisation on I-VOL, if you are located in the Dublin City Council areas, your organisation will be assigned to us. Otherwise it will be assigned to either to Volunteer Ireland or a local Volunteer Centre , depending on the county or local area you are based in. You will receive an email confirming this.

I-VOL will accept the registration of any not-for-profit organisation – this may include charities, community groups, co-operatives and statutory organisations such as health centres, schools, hospitals, etc. We may ask to see your constitution or set of rules to clarify this. We will not register volunteer opportunities on behalf of’ individuals or for for-profit organisations.

Registering your volunteering opportunity(ies)

Once you have registered your organisation, you will receive a key/password via email. When you receive this, you can begin adding volunteering opportunities to I-VOL. You can access the volunteer opportunity registration form here.

Your volunteering opportunity will be managed by us. When registering your volunteering opportunity/ies, you will have the choice to make it available in other counties/local areas and it will appear in search results in those counties also.

I’ve registered a new volunteering opportunity on I-VOL. What happens next?

Before your volunteering opportunity goes live on I-VOL, it will be reviewed by our Organisation Support Officer, who may be in touch with you directly should we need clarification, more information or to make any necessary changes.

Once the opportunity is verified and posted to I-VOL, it will be available to be viewed by potential volunteers.

We would appreciate if you could let us know when this role is filled so we can keep I-VOL up to date.. We will automatically de-active roles either on the date you request, or after three months. You will be notified when this happens.

How can I update an existing volunteer opportunity?

If you wish to update an existing volunteer opportunity(ies) the person who posted the opportunity should contact our Organisation Support Officer who can update the opportunity(ies) on your behalf. You will receive an email confirming this.

Referral of Potential Volunteers

Volunteers who are interested in the volunteer opportunity(ies) you register will either be referred to you by a local Volunteer Centre or will make contact with you directly. 

It is your responsibility to follow up with all potential volunteers in a timely manner.

From time to time, we will check in with you to establish if there have been any successful placements of potential referred volunteers.

Responsibilities of Organisations regarding Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Please note that it is the responsibility of your organisation to select the appropriate volunteer for your organisation. The I-VOL team have no responsibility in relation to the suitability of any potential volunteer for any volunteer role. We also have no responsibility for the actions of any volunteer during any part of the volunteering process, including recruitment.