Building Capacity

Volunteer management is critical to the survival of many charities and community groups, and there are plenty of challenges you face on a daily basis. We work to build the capacity of organisations to involve volunteers effectively, offering professional support, advice and training. We also organise networking events to bring volunteer managers together, to discuss these challenges, share experiences and get new ideas.

Have you thought about involving volunteers in your organisation or would you like to learn how to manage your volunteers more effectively?

Whether you involve one or 1,000 volunteers, this training will help you attract and select suitable volunteers and provide a positive experience for all. This interactive training opportunity is packed with practical advice that you can use immediately as well as food for thought as you evaluate how you work with volunteers.

Who should attend the Volunteer Leadership Training

Attendees can be individuals who are paid or unpaid and have direct responsibility for managing volunteers. 

Module 1: Planning for Volunteer Involvement
  • Preparing for volunteer involvement
  • Exploring why people choose to volunteer
  • Identifying and developing volunteer role descriptions

Do you feel your volunteer programme could be more successful? Or, do you want to involve volunteers but do not know where to start? This session will help you to ensure you successfully plan and prepare for involving volunteers in your organisation.

Module 2: Volunteer Engagement
  • Effective volunteer recruitment
  • Application process
  • Screening and selection
  • Interview process

How do you attract volunteers? What do you do if someone doesn’t seem like the right fit? This session will help to ensure you select the right person for the right volunteer role.

Module 3: Day-to-Day Volunteer Management
  • Induction and volunteer agreements
  • Support and supervision
  • Recognition
  • Exit Interviews

Your volunteer starts today! What do you do now? This session will help you put in place a comprehensive management process to ensure your volunteer programme runs smoothly.

Module 4: Dealing with challenging situations & programme development
  • Dealing with challenging situations
  • Benefits of having a volunteer policy
  • Developing your policy

Difficult situations can & do arise. How can you prepare for them? What is a volunteer policy? Why is it important and what should it include? Your volunteer policy does not have to be complicated, but it will be your best friend should things go wrong.

Note: Participants must attend all four modules of training to receive the certificate.

Details of Upcoming Training

Our next Volunteer Leadership Training will take place over four weeks in March 2020:

  1. Wednesday 4th March
  2. Wednesday 11th March
  3. Thursday 19th March
  4. Wednesday 25th March

Training takes place from 9.00 to 13.00 each day.

You can find out more and book your place HERE.

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Dublin City Volunteer Managers Networks are an opportunity to meet like-minded volunteer coordinators, exchange experiences, seek advice and ultimately help you build and maintain high quality volunteer programmes.

Volunteer management is a very rewarding experience and can be hugely beneficial for the wider community, but we also know that there are plenty of challenges volunteer managers have to face on a daily basis. The Network is a relaxed and informal atmosphere, where you can openly talk about volunteer management and get ideas from ourselves and other volunteer coordinators.

What you can expect:

  • Opportunity to meet other Volunteer Managers and hear about their experiences- It’s all about networking these days!
  • Get some creative ideas on how to make your volunteer programme even better
  • Meet the Volunteer Centre team and find out about the services we offer
  • Enjoy a morning cuppa!


Next Network Meeting:

Love Yourself, Love Your Volunteers will be taking place on Thursday, 14th February from 11am-1pm at the Dublin City Volunteer Centre. More information HERE.



Details of previous Network Meetings:

Title: Engaging Fundraising Volunteers

Thursday 17th May 2018

11.00 – 1.00pm, Carmelite Community Centre

We will share our findings from recent research conducted around fundraising volunteering. We were interested in learning more about the factors that encourage people to volunteer as fundraisers, as well as the ways that organisations can work better to attract, recruit and retain fundraising volunteers.

The session will be facilitated by Anne Eustace, Psychology at Work.

Our main research questions were:

  1. Who volunteers for fundraising work?
  2. What attracts people to volunteering of this type?
  3. What deters people from volunteering for fundraising activities?
  4. What can organisations do to attract, recruit, select, train and retain fundraising volunteers?

Further information and book your place here


Topic: Getting to Grips with GDPR

Thursday 1st March 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) significantly increases the obligations and responsibilities for organisations in how we collect, use and protect personal data. We will have to be fully transparent about how we are using and safeguarding personal data, and be able to demonstrate accountability for their data processing activities.

Dorothy Barry gave an overview of the new regulations, highlighting key changes to the existing data protection framework, as well as the practical implications for Not for Profits.

Notes and resources from Workshop: Getting to Grips with GDPR 

Dorothy Barry is Principal of DMBarry & Associates Management Consultants with a client base in the public and not-for-profit sectors.  In 2018, her focus is on assisting clients with preparations for the new Data Protection requirements of GDPR. 

Topic: Experience Counts – Marketing volunteering to people 55+

Thursday 27th July 2017

We looked at how we can better attract older people to volunteering, sharing the findings of recent market research we conducted around appropriate language, imagery and key marketing messages. Volunteers Susan Giblin and Marianne Hennessy were involved with the project, analysing the results and highlighting the key conclusions and recommendations. They presented their findings, and facilitated some practical case studies and group discussion.

Notes and resources from Workshop: Experience Counts – Marketing Volunteering to people aged 55+

Susan Giblin works with first year students at the University of Maynooth assisting them to transition successfully into university. She has recently returned home from Australia where she lectured at Queenland University’s School of Political Science and International Studies.

Marianne Hennessy has contributed to a number of research projects for the Volunteer Centre over the last year. She has an academic background in social science and previous experience in nursing research. She completed her Masters qualification in Applied Social Research at Trinity College in 2014.

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This workshop is aimed at anyone new to Volunteer Management and groups setting out on the path of engaging volunteers.

It is designed to help groups understand the best ways to involve volunteers, what their expectations might be, and start on a path to ensuring volunteers become a core and positive part of your organisation. We will cover:

  1. Why we Involve Volunteers
  2. What Motivates people to Volunteer
  3. Expectations of Organisations & Volunteers
  4. Designing a Volunteer Role Description

The session is two hours long, interactive, fun and a great way to meet like minded organisations.

It is will give you an introduction to your Volunteer Centre and an overview of the steps involved in engaging volunteers in your organisation.

Scheduled Training:

No training scheduled at the moment, contact us for further information.

If you are interested in finding out more about this training please contact us –

The Dublin Volunteer Centres host the annual Dublin Volunteer Management Seminar (DVMS).

The Seminar brings together practitioners from the field of volunteering to provide you with knowledge, insights and discussion on volunteer management. The event is designed to be practical in nature and relevant to you as local volunteer managers.

The Dublin Volunteer Management Seminar is an initiative of Dublin City, Dun Laoghaire, Fingal and South Dublin County Volunteer Centres.

Contact us for more information on or 01 473 7482.