Services for Organisations

We are a one-stop-shop for all the volunteering needs of local voluntary and community organisations in Dublin City.
We are here to support, build the capacity of and recruit volunteers for local not-for-profit organisations so that you can deliver your services more effectively. We can help with volunteer recruitment, volunteer management, Garda vetting, developing policies and procedures and much more.

We support local volunteer-involving organisations through the following core activities:


We match individuals and groups interested in volunteering with appropriate opportunities in the local community.


We encourage interest and raise awareness of volunteering through outreach at local events and through other marketing and promotion to the general public. As a member of Volunteer Centres Ireland, we participate in a national network of Volunteer Centres across the country. One of the national initiatives that we promote and participate in is National Volunteering Week, which is the second full week of May each year.


Through training, workshops and other events we encourage organisations to involve volunteers in a meaningful way, to respect their volunteers and volunteering itself as an activity, and to effectively manage their volunteers.


We work with local organisations to develop worthwhile volunteer opportunities in the Dublin City area. We are here to answer your questions, meet with you for advice and to help you broaden and develop the ways in which you involve volunteers in your work. We are here to answer any questions about volunteering that you might have.