Five reasons to take part in the Volunteer Recruitment Fair this October!


Our annual Dublin City Volunteer Recruitment Fair is the only event which brings together volunteers and organisations based across Dublin City. Here are a few good reasons to make sure your organisation takes part in the Volunteer Fair 2018:

  1. Recruit new volunteers – you are presented with an ideal opportunity to attract new people who may decide to volunteer with you. After all, everyone who attends the event is interested in volunteering and chooses to be there, so it’s the right place to be for any organisation looking to recruit more volunteers.
  2. Tell your story – share with others what you do and what your mission is. Take the opportunity to tell others about the amazing work you do and how you are making an impact in your community.
  3. It’s all PR – by telling your story to others and getting them excited about your work you are spreading the word about your organisation. If all the people you talk to share it with their family and friends, it’s the best PR ever! Also, people may be more likely to support your fundraising efforts in the future if they feel that they ‘got to know you’.
  4. Amazing venue – this year we would like to welcome you to the unique surroundings of St Patrick’s Cathedral. The larger venue offers an opportunity to host more organisations and also a bigger space for the public.
  5. Networking – chat with the other Dublin city based organisations, get to know other projects, get inspired and maybe work on something together!

We hope to see your organisation at the Volunteer Fair and you can register HERE before Friday 5th October 2018.

Should you decide to take part in the Fair, please see the following tips to help you make this event a success:

  • Be visible! Find a way to stand out from others; you can wear your T-shirts, bring your pop-up banner, colourful materials, merchandise materials, artwork and/or photos. Each organisation will be provided with a trestle table that you can dress your way. We encourage you to be creative!
  • Have enough printed volunteer role descriptions available. People will be asking you for more information and you may not have a chance to chat with everybody at length and some people may like to take the information home. Don’t forget to give them a contact name and details to follow up!
  • Consider having a volunteer to talk about their experience. It may be very powerful and effective if people get to talk to your actual volunteers. They may be more inclined to ask questions they may not ask you and feel they have a better understanding of volunteering culture in your organisation.
  • Take names and contact details of people who expressed interest and follow up afterwards. It’s best to follow up within the few days of the Fair before people move on to look for something else if they don’t hear from your organisation.

If you still have questions about the event, please contact Kasia at