Tender for the provision of research – Europe for Citizens


Tender for the provision of research on the supports, infrastructure, policy context and external factors influencing volunteering in Ireland, Belgium, Croatia and Scotland


Project Outline

In 2017, Dublin City Volunteer Centre, in conjunction with our partners, Serve the City Brussels, Volonterski centar Osijek (Croatia) and Volunteer Scotland, were successful in obtaining a Europe for Citizens Grant. The official title of the project is “Volunteering as a Tool to Strengthen EU Common Values”, with “Get Connected – Volunteering and Shared Values” used as a working title. In November 2017, the project was officially launched and will run up to April 2019.
The project sets out to examine how much volunteering, strengthens (or not) EU common values like solidarity, democracy, equality, self-fulfilment and respect for other cultures

Overview of the Research

“Volunteering, including the way it is supported and organised in each of the project countries, has an important role to play in strengthening our common values (or at least several values)”.

I. The first part of the research project (volunteer surveys before and after volunteering) will examine the impact volunteering has on the participants and their values. Our assumption is that volunteering does strengthen some values. These research results and report will be made available to the consultant awarded this tender.

II. The second part of the research (this tender) will focus on the supports, infrastructure and policy contexts for volunteering in each partner country, which have similar population sizes. This will be addressed by desk research and a number of qualitative interviews in each country.

III. In addition to the infrastructure and policies, it is assumed a number of other external environmental factors could be influencing the way volunteering is organised, supported and taken up in each country. Each partner country will undertake an internal focused discussion around this and produce a summary PESTLE analysis. The analyses will be made available to the consultant.

Key Deliverables

  •  Initial meeting with project partners (representatives from Dublin City Volunteer Centre).
  • Literature review of the policy context, infrastructure and supports for volunteering in Belgium, Croatia, Ireland and Scotland (desk research).
  • Conduct eight stakeholder interviews (two in each partner country. It is envisioned that one will be with the CEO of a volunteer development agency and the other with a government official/funder who is responsible for setting the policy context).
  • Support each partner in undertaking the PESTLE analysis, where necessary, and review the analyses.
  • Develop a draft research report, which clearly outlines and compares the infrastructure, policy context and supports for volunteering in each partner country. In addition, the research report should also include any observations, based on the surveys and PESTLE analyses which might prompt deeper reflections and questions on volunteering and values at this important time in the European Union’s history.
  • Communicate a key summary of the main research findings to the partners, via a collective Skype meeting. Based on any feedback or edits, develop the final report as per the agreed timeline.

Duration of the Project

The project should be completed within three months from date of tender award. It is anticipated that the consultant will be available to start early – mid-September.

Submission of Tenders

Tenders are invited from researchers/consultants who can facilitate this work. Interested parties should submit a brief, fully costed proposal to deliver the work outlined above, by 5pm on Monday 20th August.


For full details of the project, budget, tender submission details, selection criteria, project timeline and other relevant information please download the full research tender document.

Tender_EforC_Volunteering Infrastructure

For questions, please contact Franziska@volunteerdublincity.ie .