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We are the local Dublin City team behind iVOL, the national volunteering database, and our role is to support your search for volunteering opportunities. Through us you can find out about hundreds of ways to volunteer. You can also get information on lots of volunteer-involving organisations.

Your first step is to register for our service. As a registered volunteer we provide you with information on a wide range of volunteer opportunities, together with advice and support on volunteering in general. You will also receive invitations to Information Events and Workshop as well as regular emails with the latest volunteering opportunities and Volunteer Fairs. From time to time we also email you local opportunities and roles that are particularly suited to your skills and interests.

Register now

When you have registered you can search for s suitable role on this website. There are two ways to go about this.

  1. Through iVOL you can see the wide range of volunteer opportunities that exist both locally and nationally, before making a commitment.

     2.  Not sure about volunteering? Check out Can I Volunteer? You can use this page see opportunities available in Dublin catagorized to help you look for the perfect role that fits your schedule.

When you find that a role that you want to apply for just scroll down at the bottom of the role page and hit that pink apply button. You need the email address you used for your registration.

Check out this blog with more insights into our services.

If you don’t see anything you like, or if you are just unsure about what you want to do, feel free to give us a call and ask for an appointment, where we can talk through your options.

You can call us, or drop by the Centre to talk to someone about volunteering and to get support and advice on what kind of volunteering might suit you. Our services are free of charge!

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