How to use our service

We are here to support your search for suitable and rewarding volunteer opportunities in Dublin City. We do this by acting as a link between people who want to volunteer and organisations that are looking to involve volunteers. We can help you find a volunteer opportunity with one of the hundreds of organisations registered with us or simply give you advice on the how, what and where of volunteering in general.

Your first step is to register with us. As a registered volunteer we provide you with advice and support on volunteering. You will also receive invitations to our events and a regular e-zine with the latest volunteering opportunities.

Our services for you:

  • Information and Support on Volunteering

We offer support and guidance on the how, why and where of volunteering; making it easier for you to volunteer locally. We can answer questions you might have and provide specific information on a particular role, the skills/qualities required, screening, how it relates to social welfare payments etc.

  • Events

We run Information Evenings and Volunteer Fairs throughout the year. This gives you the opportunity to meet and ask questions of local charities and community organisations.

  • Access to a list of available opportunities

iVOL, the national volunteering database, gives details on thousands of volunteering opportunities across Ireland.

Based on our experience helping thousands of volunteers in Dublin City, we have created a section of Dublin Opportunities. You can search this list based on criteria we developed based on your needs. These opportunities are selected and updated by our team on a weekly basis.


Our services are free of charge. Accessing our service puts you under no obligation to choose a volunteer role and your details can be removed whenever you wish. You can call us, or drop by the Centre to talk to someone about volunteering and to get support and advice on what kind of volunteering might suit you.

Not sure about volunteering? Check out Can I Volunteer? or contact us.


  • What do we expect from you?


    • Keep Us Updated


    Please let us know how you are getting on, both during and after the placement process. This helps us to help you better. It also helps us identify problems and lets us know how successful or otherwise our service is.

    We seek feedback on our service annually and would appreciate if you could complete the questionnaire once it is circulated. If you have any photos or feedback on how your volunteering is going we would love to see them. We typically use them for our website and social media networks.


    • Keep Your Chosen Organisation(s) Updated


    We know how busy life can be and that it may not be possible to follow through on your volunteer application. However, it is important you keep the organisations you apply to up-to-date. If, after applying, you find you are no longer in a position to volunteer or feel the organisation is not for you after meeting them, please let them know, or let us know and we can pass it on.

  • How do I get started?

    Through iVOL, the national volunteering database, you can see the wide range of volunteer opportunities that exist both locally and nationally.  You can apply online after you register for our service . If you don’t see anything you like, or if you are just unsure about what you want to do, feel free to give us a call and ask for an appointment.

  • Where is the service available?

    Our placement service is available to anyone living in the Dublin City Council area. If you live outside the Dublin City areas, your local Volunteer Centre will provide this service. If you live outside of Ireland unfortunately the Volunteer Centres network is not set-up to provide a service. Our Learning English page has more information on this

  • Can I call into to the Centre at any time?

    You are very welcome to drop in to us to for general information about volunteering. However, as we are a small and very busy Volunteer Centre, we encourage you to make an appointment with us first. When you make an appointment, we can take the time needed to sit down and go through all your options. Please see our Contact Us page for contact details, location and opening hours.

  • "I really want to volunteer but I am not sure where to start"

    You have come to the right place! Check out this blog about our services with videos and helpful tips about the whole process.