What we do

Dublin City Volunteer Centre is the one stop shop for volunteering,

providing services for organisations and individuals in the Dublin City Council area.

We support voluntary and community organisations in implementing best practice in volunteer management.

We connect people seeking to volunteer with non-profit organisations.

We reach out to the community and promote the value of volunteering by delivering talks and presentations and hosting volunteer-focused events.

We are part of a network of Volunteer Centres nationwide; This network is supported by the work of Volunteer Ireland, the national volunteer development agency.


For Volunteers

We connect people with non-profit organisations based in Dublin city area. We can help you find suitable volunteer opportunity or give you advice on the how, what and where of volunteering in general without having to make a commitment.

We provide a free volunteer matching service to any individual or group looking to volunteer in Dublin City. We call the process whereby an individual finds a suitable volunteering role the Placement Process

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For Organisations

We support voluntary and community organisations in implementing best practice in volunteer management. We can help you with recruiting volunteers, developing policies and guidelines, Garda vetting, volunteer management training and much more.

We offer a range of support services to help you involve volunteers in a meaningful and effective way in your organisation. This includes advice and one-to-one consultation, training and workshops, and a range of resource material on all matters volunteer-related. All of our services are free of charge, with the exception of our Volunteer Management Training and Garda Vetting which carries a nominal fee.

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We undertake a variety of outreach activities, such as: talks, clinics, presentations, events, training, peer forums, dissemination of volunteering literature, online marketing and promotion of volunteering.

Social inclusion forms a key part of our outreach and we focus our resources on those who face additional barriers when seeking to access volunteering. These typically include long-term unemployed, asylum seekers and refugees, early school leavers, those formally homeless etc.

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Social Inclusion

Volunteering can play a significant role in creating inclusive communities, where people of all walks of life are treated with utmost respect and dignity. By encouraging the engagement of the most vulnerable within the society, organisations can help to challenge stereotypes and encourage inclusiveness.

We believe that everyone has something to offer as a volunteer, regardless of their background and abilities. Volunteering allows people to give back and feel empowered, while also meeting new people and developing new skills.

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