“I really want to volunteer but I am not sure how to start?”

Ever thought to yourself “I really want to volunteer but I am not sure how to start?” Here we have compiled some helpful tips and insights into our service to help you get started!

What do we do?
I have never voluntered before!
How to Register at www.volunteerdublincity.ie
How to search for a role
How to apply for a role
What happens after I apply for a role?


What do we do?

Volunteer Centres act as a matchmaker between individuals who want to volunteer and organisations that are seeking to involve volunteers.

There are four Volunteer Centres in Dublin, 29 in the whole of Ireland. This is why we migh ask you for your home address if you give us a call or drop-in as your address tells us which volunteer centre would handle your registration and applications. This is also why you need to be living in Ireland to register for Volunteer Centre services. We cannot arrange any placements or offer services until you have arrived here. At Dublin City Volunteer Centre, we provide services to people living in the Dublin areas 1 to 13.

It is important to remember that when you register with a Volunteer Centre, you do not volunteer with them directly.  They are a link between you and organisations seeking volunteers. Volunteer Centres are here to give advice, make recommendations and provide support to find a suitable opportunity. This can be done online through our website(see below), through email, phone calls, drop-ins and appoinments.

Dublin City Volunteer Centre is open 9.30-1pm, 2-5pm Monday-Friday. Email us on info@volunteerdublincity.ie or call 01 473 7482

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I have never voluntered before!

Thats absolutely fine, that’s why we are here!

We know it can be a scary step to put yourself out there and do something different. A few things that are good to keep in mind when you think about starting volunteering:

  • How much time do I have? The roles on our website will all have different time commitments. Are you looking to dip your toe in and look at Once Off Opportunites to start with or do you want something regular for the next few months? Are you working full time and can only do evenings/weekends?
  • How far am I willing to travel? We have roles all over Dublin but if you would like to stay around your area you can search by location.
  • There is a lot of infomation on our website which might help you to clarify what you want to do. Check out ‘Can I volunteer?
  • We are here to help! Call us on 01 473 7482 or email info@volunteerdublincity.ie with any questions. You can also drop-in or book an appointment to have a sit down with one of our Placement Officers to talk things through and look at roles together.


How to Register at www.volunteerdublincity.ie

To apply for any of the roles you can find on our website – you need to register.

Fill out the online registration form and submit. Now you are ready to apply for that perfect volunteer role! Check out the video’s below to see how you can easily use our website to search for volunteer roles.

When a person registers on our website we will contact them by phone, text message or email. If you cannot find something suitable on the website, we try to help you choose a volunteer opportunity based on your interests and abilities.


How to search for a role

There are two ways to search for a role on our website:


1. The I-VOL – Database

If you have a fairly good idea of what you want to lend your time to, or you have a specific skill you would like to work on/contribute – check out the I-VOL database page.

You will see 3 boxes – three options to filter roles through – ‘Town/County’, ‘Cause’ and ‘Activity’.  Put ‘Dublin’ into ‘Town/County’, or any other location you want to volunteer in as this is a database shared with all volunteer centers. Then you can pick through different causes or activities you are interested in seeing roles for, and hit the search button.

More Information on I-VOL


2. Dublin Opportunities

You can use this page see opportunities available in Dublin catagorized to help you look for the perfect role that fits your schedule.

Browse by Location to see what is close to you, QuickStart for something to do once off with minimal commitment. Are you working 9-5? Check out the Evening/Weekend category!


How to apply for a role

Looking at a role you should pay close attention to:

  • Location of volunteering opportunity: Where is the opportunity? Can you travel there easily?
  • Minimum time commitment: Some opportunities need you to commit to more than 3 months. Try to be realistic when thinking about how long you can volunteer.
  • Level of English required: Are you an international student in Dublin and want to practice your english? Look out for ‘Basic English’
  • Screening details. This can be very different depending on the roles you are going for. Usually the Quick Start roles (festivals, Canal clean Ups, Fundraising) only have application forms and informal interviews, but if you are looking at roles where you will be working with children or vulnerable adults, the process will be more thourough and include Garda Vetting.

As all application are processed manually we ask that you do not apply for more than 3 roles at a time.


 What happens after I apply for a role?

Once you hit the apply button we get a notification that you have applied for a role. In most cases your details (name, email address and phone number) are emailed to the organisation you applied with, which then will get in touch with you directly. The rest of the recruitment process is then between you and the organisations – all documents requested like CV’s and references (if requested, depends on the role) should be sent driectly to the relevant organisation.

Sometimes the organisation will have requested that we email you their contact details or an application form, in which case it will be up to you to respond to that to further your application.

Organisations will strive to get back to you as soon as they can but bare in mind that sometimes these projects are led by volunteers which do not have regular hours. The Dublin City Volunteer Center will get in touch in 2 weeks from application submitted to check in on your progress, and again in 4 weeks to see how things are going