Managing Volunteer Applications


Track Applications

The number one complaint we receive from potential volunteers is that they never heard back from the organisation about their application! With this in mind, it is essential to have a system in place to help manage applications and keep on top of the recruitment process. Whether it’s paper based, an Excel workbook or a online CRM database software, it should be appropriate to the volume of applications you are dealing with, your screening process and the information you need to capture.  At a basic level you should be able to see:

  • Who has expressed an interest in volunteering
  • What stage of the recruitment process they are at
  • Have they been informed of the outcome and next steps

Here’s an example of a simple template to keep track of applications:

Volunteer Application Tracker

Acknowledge Applications

Potential volunteers are generally eager to get started so it is important to let them know that their application has been received and is being dealt with. Try to manage expectations by outlining next steps and how long the process is likely to take. They may not be able to start until their training is complete or garda vetting has been processed etc. Save yourself some time and have a template ‘Acknowledgement Email’ ready to send off when you receive an application. Don’t forget to turn on your ‘Out of Office’ email response when you’re planning to be away.

Don’t Delay

Once someone decides they would like to volunteer they tend to apply for a number of roles around the same time. Don’t delay in arranging to meet applicants and offering the role to your preferred candidate/s, if your process drags on you may find that your potential volunteer has started with another organisation.

Deliver Bad News

Do you hate giving bad news and try to avoid it? Most people do. Applicants would prefer to know if they have been unsuccessful so they can move on and apply for something else. Thank them for their interest and you could direct them to the Volunteer Centre, or the I-VOL database, we’d be happy to help them find another opportunity!

Further Information?

To discuss your needs and see how we can support you best, please contact your Organisation Support Officer Frances Hayden

frances@volunteerdublincity.ie or (01) 473 7482

Created by Vickie Muldowney, Marketing & Communication Specialist