Shannon’s Hopeline: Winner at the Charity Impact Awards!

So proud that one of our outstanding organisations, Shannon’s Hopeline has won the Impact Award for Small Organisations at the Charity Impact Awards!

Shannon’s Hopeline is a mental health charity that educates and supports young people on the importance of looking after their mental health. The organisation was set up by Sandra Kelleher, whose 13-year old daughter Shannon died by suicide.

Shannon’s Hopeline aims to prevent suicide in vulnerable young people by creating a sense of strength, hope and confidence. They achieve this by providing a variety of services including a  low-cost counselling to help with concerns such as bullying, depression, suicidal thoughts, sexuality & isolation. The group also offers support groups for parents whose children are suffering from anxiety & depression.

Additionally, they run an outreach programme for schools and youth clubs with their workshop “Be kind to your Mind” which gives tips on improving mental health. At the end of  the programme, Shannon’s Hopeline provides a “Gift of Hope” which includes items and advice to help the children & young people on their journey to a positive mental health.

Well done to this fantastic charity for winning this award, its well deserved!

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