Spruce Up Your Street Stories: Queen of the Fairies

We just had to share this story that came with photos for our Spruce Up Your Street Photo Competition:

The estate where I live is next to a green area. Over the past few months the neighbours have made a great effort gardening and tidying up. One gentleman even cleared out an old over grown church and grave yard.

With Easter was coming, I thought about all the kids on the estate and how the lockdown had effected them. I wanted to do something for all the kids who couldn’t play out with their friends or go on Easter egg hunts.

With the help of my family, we decided to do something fun and make fairy doors to decorate the neighbourhood. The whole family got involved; my husband cut out the wood, me and my daughter painted and decorated the fairy doors, and my son helped put them up the night before Easter Sunday.

We have had great feedback so far. The kids love the fairy doors and check on the fairies everyday, shouting, ‘up the dubs’ when they go past the dub door!

It’s great to see other kids have since made their own doors and put them up too!

Many thanks to Kathryn, Queen of the Fairies, for sharing your story.

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