Tips for your Organisation during COVID-19

Are you an organisation dealing with the impact of Covid-19?

Do you need additional support with activities related to the impact of Covid-19? There is a desire and willingness from the public to help in any way they can, we have received contact from hundreds of people looking to lend a hand.

We will prioritise support for organisations who are experiencing increased demand for their services and need  to recruit volunteers quickly. We can help with recruitment and take some of the time intensive tasks away from you, such as writing role descriptions and screening volunteers.

When thinking about involving volunteers, consider what supports could volunteers offer that would benefit your service users. Could new volunteers help with:

  1. Answering phones and providing information
  2. Making friendly check-in calls, texts or emails
  3. Replacing some of your ‘at risk’ volunteers temporarily
  4. Delivering information leaflets
  5. Providing practical support to people who are self isolating; shopping, collecting prescriptions, walking the dog etc.
  6. Remote IT Support; to help people get online and connect
  7. Creating ‘virtual hangouts’ to socialise/discuss resilience for socially isolated groups e.g. Direct Provision
  8. Creating content for online delivery

Tips for dealing with Volunteers During Covid-19

  • Communicate with your volunteers, let them know what’s happening in your organisation
  • Consider if any volunteer roles can be done remotely
  • Volunteers who apply for roles and are not contacted / followed up with, are likely to feel disappointed, frustrated and undervalued. Try to find ways to respond, even an automated answer will be appreciated.
  • Let us know if you’d like to update or temporarily deactivate your current volunteer adverts
  • If you don’t have available roles, you can refer people to our website for advice and information

For support for your organisation, please contact: or 086 388 8749