Uploading details of your Volunteer Opportunity


Once you have registered your organisation with the Volunteer Centre you will receive a VCI access key by email that will enable you to upload details of your volunteer opportunities. Your role advert will then be included on our online I-VOL database, used by potential volunteers nationwide who are searching for volunteer opportunities.

What do you Need?

  1. It will help if you already have a role description prepared. Then you can simply copy and paste information into the relevant fields.
  2. Your VCI access key: a five number code appearing like this VCI-12356
  3. You will need access to the internet and a computer to complete the online form.

The Process

Use the Post an Opportunity page on our website to access the online form.

Type in your five digit VCI access key into the first field and press return. The system will recognise your code and automatically display your Organisation name in the next field, as in the example below.

The Contact Person for the volunteer role. They will receive notifications of applicants and we will contact them if further information is required. If a number of people are involved within your organisation it is worth having a generic email address, for example volunteers@angelmarketing.ie

Choose a deactivation date that fits with your recruitment plan, giving adequate time for screening and selection.

The Role Title should be clear and appealing: It’s the first thing people will see. Avoid generic terms like ‘Volunteer’ or ‘Fundraiser’.

Be specific about the tasks involved in the role and the skills required. The more information you provide the better chance you have of attracting the ‘best fit’ of volunteer. Ask yourself, if you were volunteering for the role, what information would you want to know, and be sure to include it.

If your opportunity is available in multiple locations or can be done virtually from home, then select all the relevant Volunteer Centres you would like to advertise the role.

Once you have completed all fields click the pink Post button at the end.

What Happens next?

Your role advert will be reviewed by the Organisation Support Officer before being added to the I-VOL database. Once it is live, you will receive confirmation by email with a link so you can see how it appears to potential volunteers.

Any edits to the details of your role advert can be made by the Volunteer Centre, contact Frances at frances@volunteerdublincity.ie or 01 473 7482.

You will receive the details of potential volunteers who express an interest in your opportunity, generally by email unless you have indicated otherwise.

Let us know if the role has been filled early or you have received enough applications. We can pause your advert at any stage and reactivate it when you’re ready to start recruiting again.

Please keep a record of applicants and who ended up volunteering with you. The Volunteer Centre will follow up with you at a later date to get this information.

If you have a Question or Problem?

If you have a question or run into difficulty please contact your Organisation Support Officer Frances Hayden

frances@volunteerdublincity.ie or (01) 473 7482