Volunteer from the comfort of your home!

We know that so many people across Dublin want to offer their help during COVID-19 – we have been absolutely amazed by the amount of kind offers to help in the past few weeks. As you might be aware, many of the organisations we work with who normally involve volunteers in their vital work have had to re-think and re-organise their work, some even had to temporarily stop all their activities due to the current restrictions. This resulted in a decline of volunteering opportunities across the Dublin City area.

But: That doesn’t mean that you can’t help at all! Volunteering from home is a great way to help and be involved while staying safe at home. That’s why we’ve launched a new campaign across Ireland – #volunteerfromhome.

Volunteering from home isn’t new but since the COVID-19 emergency began even more organisations are thinking about how they can engage volunteers from home. We are hoping that more opportunities to volunteer from home will become available over the next few weeks.

To get you started, check out our database for roles you can do from the comfort of your own home.


Fancy something different?

How about participating in the #FormalFriday campaign, a fun dress up fundraising campaign for frontline services?

You could also participate in this global study to help understand the impact of COVID19 related stress on couples, as part of collaboration with over 30 countries.

Or get up and get moving with Dublin Simon Community’s new Run @ Home initiative. This is a virtual run designed to push you to achieve the lofty goal of a marathon a month.

Get your family involved in Spruce Up Your Street!

Apart from the ideas above, why not get creative and have a think about other ways can support people in your community? Drop a note through the neighbours’ door to ask if they need help or would like a chat (safely on the phone or across the garden fence of course); get your kids to arrange teddy bear displays in your window to thank frontline workers passing by; pick up some litter on your street or while out for a walk or run (wear gloves, please) or plant some flowers to give your area a little face lift. The opportunities to volunteer from home are endless.

We would love to hear about what you get up to. Please send us a little story (with a photo if you can) to info@volunteerdublincity.ie and you might see yourself featured on our social media or website, inspiring others to share a little kindness, too.