Restarting Your Volunteer Programme & Engaging Volunteers

As we move away from full lock down, how can we restart or increase the level of our volunteer programmes while operating under continued restrictions? The Volunteer Centre has many helpful resources and we’re here to support you along the way.


Planning for Reopening

When can we get back to normal? What will the new normal look like?
The reality is we could be living with Coronavirus for some time to come. The phased Roadmap and safety protocols, designed to prevent the spread of the virus, will help us protect volunteers and staff.

Are you considering a blended approach – involving smaller numbers or staggering who is onsite, to facilitate physical distancing, and continuing to offer supports online? By now, we are all used to working remotely and using online tools like Zoom!

Can your existing roles be adapted or done remotely to enable your loyal volunteers to continue? Also, consider your current needs: What would help you to prepare for reopening and delivering services over the coming months.

Engaging New Volunteers

Why not take advantage of the vast pool of skills and experience available to you!

Do you need support updating policies and handbooks or researching potential funding and writing grant applications?

Now might be a good time to update the website, revamp your social media or design information leaflets and posters.

#HoldFirm #VolunteerFromHome

We are actively looking for opportunities for people to volunteer remotely, to help reduce isolation, and promote positive wellbeing. Here are some ideas that might be of use to your organisation:

Remote Roles – Committee or Board member, Peer Support or Friendly Caller, Translator, Administrator or Researcher. Management Mentor.

Virtual Roles – Online Tutor or Befriender, IT Support, Zoom Moderator or Online Community Builder, Graphic Designer, Illustrator or Video Creator.

Practical Roles – Driving / delivering, making crafts or letter writing. Food Bank donations or fundraising challenges. Spruce Up Your Street campaign.

Find out more about Creating Role Descriptions in our Organisation Toolkit.

Strengthen Your Community

Some of your volunteers may be stuck at home feeling isolated and helpless, so try to check in and keep them informed and engaged. Seeing their fellow volunteers on a Zoom call might help, and consider new ways they could feel part of the organisation, like involving them in a social media campaign.


They could write a blog or story, share pictures or record a short video. Andrew, one of our volunteers wrote this article about his experience at the COVID-19 Testing Centre in Lucan.


Support & Resources

If you would like to discuss your organisations needs, please feel free to Get In Touch . We will help you plan for reengaging or recruiting new volunteers, as well as manage and support them remotely.

Our Online Toolkit has lots of resources and templates to assist you at this time.